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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the requirement for both building and promoting a website to ensure the highest possible rankings in the major search engines. The aim is to use various SEO coding and other advanced techniques to make a website appear in the first few positions of the results when people search for specific words or key phrases on search engines such as Yahoo, Google or MSN etc.

When looking for information on the internet people head straight for the search engines to find it. Your website will be competing with millions of other sites to try and get people to visit. It is therefore crucial to optimise your site through SEO so that your website will be found above your competitors. Generally, people who get to the top of results use an SEO company to push them up the rankings. As a long established internet marketing and SEO company in London, we have the skills and capacity to help our clients get to the top of Google (and stay there).

Vivant Marketing & Design are SEO experts. We are an SEO company with systems that certainly work! Our advanced SEO (search engine optimisation) skills enable our clients to generate new business daily, at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising. We can prove our worth too in any company throughout the world.

How do we do this? For a start we employ the brightest and most accomplished search engine optimisation experts we can find. They spend much time and effort in research and analysis, optimising the code in the site for multiple important engines such as Google, Yahoo, Lycos, Msn, AOL Search etc. We then create backwards links to make your website 'more important' to the search engines. It’s a combination of onsite and offsite SEO work. No doubt you are reading this page as you are searching for search engine optimisation companies. While many SEO companies will promise you the world - we achieve results and can actually prove it. Your search for a SEO company should stop here.

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